Rock climbing in Georgia is a developing sport, but the country has a great prospect in rock climbing and in mountaineering.

There are many ready-made regions for all kinds of climbing.

Also there are many places to implement and establish new climbing routes and regions, so it is very attractive for those who are searching for new unique places and opportunities.

If you need any additional information feel free to contact Guga Dabrundashvili. He will provide you with all essential details, suggest a concrete way how to get to the site of climbing or offer his services for equipment and take you to the rock-climbing areas.

Outdoor Climbing

Georgia has many climbing regions. You can view information about them on our site and visit a subscription for you.

Indoor Climbing

See information about climbing gym and visit one of them,


Caucasus Mountains are one of the most beautiful in the world. Learn about mountaineering routes of georgia.

Ice & mixed

Winter you can climb on the ice. Learn more about these regions.

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